Monthly Archives: January 2015


I may have tendonitis, as with any injury as soon as you mention it, you find out lots of people have had it, It’s on my right arm, so I’m typing left-handed only. I’m hoping to not use it for a week or two to let it heal. So far the most complicated task I’ve had to do was brush my teeth left-handed. My toothbrush moves at super slow speed; up then down, up then down. Eating with chopsticks left-handed is also very awkward. I haven’t tried to cut with my left hand, I don’t trust my dexterity enough to not nick a finger. I did cut a chocolate cake up, because the incentive was great. So goodbye for now, I’m taking two weeks off to heal.

Caverns Found

I’m working on finishing Caverns Found the sequel to Ocean Lost. This book takes place in the same world as Ocean Lost and introduces new characters, Lorelai, Shalise, Ben and Joey. They live in the evergreen forests of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The story begins with friends, Lorelai and Shalise, exploring in caves near their homes. They find a secret spring and the adventure begins.

This second book, in this new series, is about overcoming inner challenges as the four friends deal with the very big problem of transformation. Children and adults will welcome this new young adult fantasy. Enjoy!

To be published late February 2015, on