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People – A Manual

When I brought my oldest daughter home from the hospital, as a baby, I walked out of the doors and felt this huge weight settle on my shoulders. Here was this wonderful, new, red and wrinkly creature that I had to take home and keep alive. My only pet, a goldfish, had survived less than a month. I regularly kill plants and here they sent me home with no instructions other than checking to make sure that the car seat was properly installed. “That’s wonderful, she’ll be safe for the ride home. But then what?”

I wished for a manual.

So I think I’ll write one. It might take me a while. Maybe by the time the computers/robots have taken over I can get it published. It’ll be a bestseller and all the little robots can rush to the pet store and buy their own human and my manual.


Utah Teacher of Psychology and Social Sciences is a professional organization of high school teachers in Utah. It’s grown a lot in the last decade since it was organized. They have a yearly meeting at the University of Utah. There’s also a listserv for Psych teachers to share information about new topics, hard to teach vocabulary, current psych news article links or whatever they want to talk about.