Books In Progress

Kala Series

I’ve finished a YA fantasy novel and am shopping for a publisher and/or agent.
My novel is about a twleve-year-old kidnapped girl, Kala. She escapes, also rescuing fourteen other girls. She leads them back home again, through the forests and while evading re-capture.

The story takes place on Novikov, a planet that was settled five hundred years earlier by genetically altered humans. The alterations allow the settlers to live in their dual star system. Some of the humans have the ability to manipulate heat as a side effect of their altered DNA.

Kala’s adventures continue in a finished sequel (in revisions 2/27/2011.)

I also have an unfinished (80% complete) prequel (adult SF) which follows Iris’ story. Iris is the geneticist who pioneers the modifications that allows humans to settle Novikov.

I have finished outlining a new YA urban fantasy novel about four friends who find out that they can change into…

Fire Book

I’ve starting writing the dragon book.

The dragon book is almost done, but it’s too short. Maybe it would work as a high-low book for middle-schoolers.

I’ve added to the Dragon story. I have an outline and about half of it written. Time to start finishing some of these half finished books.

Ocean Lost / Water Book

I wrote 50,065 words on a new high-low book for middle school age. I did this for NaNoWriMo. It’s about a teenage merman in Utah. What do Mer-people use for clothing? How is their culture shaped by their environment?

I finished the merman book at 54,000 words. I’ve started editing.

I have a cover! Ascha Rowley did my cover, a mountain going into an underwater scene. It looks awesome.

I’m working on editing. My goal is to post this book on Amazon by the 19th.

I’ve finished editing! Now time for formatting. I hope to release this book next week!

It’s published and available at Amazon in their kindle store. The title I’ve settled on is “Ocean Lost

Air Book

I started a new story. Middle-grade fiction set in Illinois. It’s called Metamorphosis.

Still working on the new story. It’s slow going, because it hasn’t captured my imagination yet. I’m stuck with my main character in a coma. I have so many questions and directions I could take the plot, but I need to narrow it down.

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