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  1. Ben Richardson

    Thank you so much for being my private flute instructor Sarah, I strongly recommend you! For those of you who read this. I learned to play the saxophone in Junior and High School back in the late 70s and early 80s, dropped it for 30 years and now finally able to get back to doing what I’ve always loved. Being a sax player I’ve always wanted to learn to play the flute because the fingering is so similar and piano to better understand cords and cord progression and music theory but never had the time or money until now. Wow has Sarah been great, and so reasonably priced! I’m now alternating flute and piano lessons with Sarah, flute one week, piano the next. She has helped me focus on detail to get my embouchure right, posture to help me sound good and feel my best at the piano and has been very understanding when work got busy and I needed to break from my lessons and has done so much more as an instructor. Excellent, excellent instructor, thank you so much Sarah! I will continue to strongly recommend you.


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