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Kala Esperanza

Writing and editing are two very different skills. I’ve written several books, but editing takes a completely different mindset. I’m now starting into revisions for the first part of my YA epic fantasy series.

Kala is a young girl who is kidnapped. She lives on Novikov, a planet with two suns. Novas, people with magic powers, are watching over her, but for now, she has to escape on her own. Her adventures will take her to the frozen northern country and eventually to the southern continent to escape a rampaging king. Kala’s determination and ingenuity will keep you turning pages.

Kalare’s story is a YA epic fantasy. The first book turned into well over 400 pages, so I split it into two stand-alone books. The first half is about Kala’s kidnapping and escape and is close to 200 pages. The second half, is about her journey north. When I finished writing the second half, I was surprised to find that it was close to 400 pages, so much for shortening the story.

I loved writing Ocean Lost (my merman story), but Kala’s story is closer to my heart. Kala is an alternate version of myself and because of this, I’m excited and terrified to share these books. I’m revising the first Kala book and hope to have it ready within a month or two. I’m having a hard time revising, because I keep getting caught up in the story.

I hope you’ll enjoy them too. I look forward to introducing Kala to you.

Literacy Nights

My first events as an author! I went to the literacy night at my children’s jr high and elementary schools. I enjoyed getting to talk to people about writing and my book. It’s so strange, I’ve been writing novels for about five years now. I’ve been calling myself a writer since attending my first writer’s conference, but sitting underneath, or behind a sign that reads, “meet the author” feels different.

I ordered bookmarks, but didn’t leave enough time for them to be printed. They arrived today (Thursday) in time for my second literacy night at the elementary school. I ended up handing out home-printed business cards for the jr. high (on Wednesday night.)

I had only one person at the junior high who read the sample and didn’t seem interested in reading more. Everyone else seemed excited or they were good actors. Even a Louie Lamour fan didn’t seem bored. At the elementary tonight one of my friend’s sons sat and read the first six chapters. He said he liked it. I think he’s a sixth grader.

It’s exciting to show people my book and watch them read it in front of me. That’s very different then when I’m writing at home, alone and in the dark. One of the reasons I waited so long before publishing was because these books are like my babies. And it would hurt to have them rejected. I love creating these stories. I start reading to edit and an hour later, I realize that I got caught up in the story and didn’t make any corrections. I’m glad that I get to see others enjoying my books too.