Korean Dramas

Yes I’m another one of those strange middle-aged moms with a secret passion. I am a K-dramaholic(addicted to Korean Dramas.) My sister introduced me about two years ago to my first Korean Drama “Playful Kiss.” I was hooked from the first episode about a socially backward girl whose family is forced to move in with the most popular boy in school’s family, after her brand-new home is demolished in a 1.5 magnitude earthquake. Her house was the only one damaged in the whole city. So sad and hilarious!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Korean Dramas, they are sappy, emotional, goofy, funny, mostly clean, well written and full of plot twists. And contrary to the trend in American TV shows, the series end! Everything tied up neatly at the end of 1 to 3 seasons, very satisfying. They are in Korean with English subtitles. Suppliers are Netflix, Viki, and Hulu.

Side effects include: Laughing, yelling, cheering, crying, saying “Arioso” or “creo” to people you meet and binging. After watching six or more hours you may experience a short time where English begins to sound like a foreign language. You may find yourself hugging complete strangers when you find that they are fellow addicts. You may also find yourself eavesdropping on unsuspecting Asian tourists, to find out if they are Korean. (Yes you! Korean family on the sailboat in Lake Tahoe in September of 2012, I knew you were Korean!)

Other Side effect include: picking up on an Asian student’s head nod as an abbreviated bow. Wanting to bow as you meet people and apologizing excessively “Kam sam ne da”. Wanting to call older people Ahjussi(older woman) or Sunbae (teacher or older student.) Calling your mom – Omma and your dad – Oppa. And for females speaking with a high-pitched, spunky attitude.

Some of my all time favorites:
“City Hunter” – action drama, reminds me of “Arrow” but he’s much more moral than the Arrow guy.
“The Great Doctor” – historical drama, about a plastic surgeon abducted back in time by a warrior to save the queen’s life.
“The Secret Garden” – stuntwoman vs. macho jerk CEO, loosely based on Pride and Prejudice, refers to Little Mermaid.
“Can You Hear My Heart” – deaf executive who reads lips, hides the fact that he’s deaf. Girl with deaf mother recognizes what he’s hiding.
“Moon Embracing the Sun” – historical drama, king and queen betrothed while young, she dies.

There are many other great Korean Dramas. I’d recommend them, but then you’d be addicted too. So stay away! Beware!

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